Life science

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    1. Deepwell plates

      Deepwell plates

      Cell and Tissue Culture Plates are available with 6,12,24 and 96 well plates. Surface treated or non-treated. Ridged grip area ensures a secure grasp and prevents from accidentally lifting off the lid Lid with air-venting system guarantees c...

    2. Micro Centrifuge Tubes

      Micro Centrifuge Tubes

      AISIMO Centrifuge Tubes are available in polypropylene with flat, pierceable, frosted caps that wont open when the tubes are boiled or autoclaved. Cylindrical plastic containers with conical bottoms, typically with an integral snap cap. They...

    3. <b>Spin columns(DNA/RNA/spin columns)</b>

      Spin columns(DNA/RNA/spin columns)

      Aisimo Silica and glass fiber Membrane Spin Column has been widely used as a low cost substitute for Qiaprep*, Qiaquick*, Qiaamp*, DNeasy*, RNeasy*, PureLink*, GeneElute*, PureYield*, and more. In a stand alone single column format, its app...

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